Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Adventures of Sticky and his friends


Books 2, 3, 4

About the Author (taken from Amazon)

ISBN: 9780997468113                                                                               ISBN: 9780997468120

ISBN:  9780997468137

I received all three of these books from  Word Slinger Publicity Contact in exchange for my honest reviews.  These are the cuties books for young readers that will keep them wanting to read the complete book without stopping.
I have already reviewed #1 as you will see below on my blog.  Now for the remainder of the series.

Book #2 Sticky is a little elf and he and his friends live deep in the woods hidden from any human eyes but they decide to take a little journey to the big city of Philadelphia and the year was 1776.
Sticky tried to drive a horse and wagon but it got out of control, he had to stop and let George do it.  As they traveled on they meet their first human and he was so large to them, they could not believe it.  They thought the man was a going to eat them, such silly elves.
They learned how to work in a man's world and even tried to cross where a bridge had washed away.  They were paid for their word and guess what they bought "candy"  they were just learning how to live in this man's world.  Hope you enjoyed #2 of the books and continue on with the other 2.

Book #3  The elves are on their way to Springfield in this book and thanks again to Word Slinger Publicity for this book in exchange for my honest review.
As they traveled on their adventure they came to a magic store and Sticky could not wait to get inside. But he wandered off into the woods and did not know where he was or what he was seeing, as his friends found him he just disappeared in front of their eyes.  This is where he meets Dandelion a little Pixie.  They go fishing and it gets dark, Sticky ties his fishing line to his toe but wakes up being pulled into the water.  So much excitement on to the next book.

Book #4  I want to thank Word Publicity Contact for sending me this book in exchange for my review.  These books continue on as chapters so this book begins 54 as Sticky was being pulled into the water by a large fish.
As they learn more of the real world, they find that people have to pay taxes and even saw the Liberty Bell.  Sticky is still interested in magic but Robyn told him he ha to practice in order to do it.  Magnus tells them to get close together and get ready for a great experience as they entered into a magic portal.  When they start to leave for home Sticky thought of something he needed to do before this tale ends.  *He walked over to the front door and looked out at all the people who are reading these books and said "I love all of you".*

*this was taken from book # 4, page 131.