Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tate Publishing
Author:Norman Whaler
ISBN:  978-1-88254-305-4

In this book the story of Tiny Tim continues as Ebenezer Scrooge and Tim grow older so does the wear and tear on an old man's body.   Chapter 2 tells of the death of Old Scrooge.  Seems impossible but is true.  Through the years Tim Cratchit know as "Tiny Tim" had become such great friends with Mr. Scrooge as he had become junior partner with Scrooge.
As the years passed by Tim begin to be visited by Scrooge's ghost and it was as real as if the old man was still alive.  Tim meets Becky and Love begin to happen.  You must read this little book if you ever read or had read to you as a child about "Tiny Tim" and old Ebenezer Scrooge it will show you that love can change the hardest of people.
Thanks so much to the author and Word Slinger Publishing for sending me this book to enjoy and I am leaving a review so that others can see how great this book is.