Monday, June 13, 2016

Glitter paper dolls

I give this book more than 5 Stars I love it!

Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date:04/20/2016
Dover Paper Dolls Series

I love this book nothing like the paper dolls were back in my day, this one is so pretty with glitter on the clothes.  The only thing is that all have to carefully cut out so a grown up may need to help.  You have 6 dolls and can use the skin tone like your self, white or dark and they all just as beautiful as the next.  The little flower girl and ring barrier are so cute.  The brides have a lot of different changes of her wardrobe.  I just love this and it bring back so many memories as when I was a little girl. Wish you could click on the pages of the book and see the details.   Going to play with these with my great-granddaughter we will have a ball.  Thanks to
 Tracy McDonald, Customer Care Specialist of Dover for sending me this book for my honest review.